Geolathdir is the continent to the East of Egela, across the Sea of Fog

Climate and Geography
Dry and sparse. Frosty tundra in the north ranging to arid badlands in the south. Foothills and sparse forests are dispersed across the middle of the continent

Dragonborn: The Dragonborn kingdom of Aldraire is the last of its people. It is comprised of 16 Dragonborn clans which were united over one thousand years ago during the reign of Eralin Skyburn. Since the time of his rule the clans unity has dissipated and Aurin Skyburn, his great-grandson, rules is name alone, controlling only 5 of the 16 clans.
Human: The Human barbarian tribes have set up three permanent cities on the Western coasts, (Muirhan, Tamulk, and Balkin). Villages expand inland up until the edge of the human contrlled lands.
There is also a Human Kingdom on the Eastern shore that has been blocked off from the central valley by hostile Orc tribes
Hill Dwarf

It is said that Geothladir was used as a shelter for mortals during the War of the Gods prior to the Banishment. The fertile and resource rich valley in the continent’s center was shielded while the surrounding lands were scraped barren by the war.


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