Talise is both the name of the island, and the keep in the center of the Cobalt Sea. It is an academic city focused on the study of the Arcane and is home to many of the world’s greatest scholars. The city ruled by the 8 members that form the Council of Talise, all of whom are arcane magic users and faculty of the Talisean Academy.

The Talisean Academy
The Academy is an academic institute exclusive to those with an affinity for the arts of arcane magic. Enrollment is free but students are subject to intense testing and scrutiny and less than 10% of those who enter the academy finish the rigorous 10 year program of study. The Academy currently consists of roughly 1,500 faculty and 8,000 students.

After graduation students who wish to enter the ranks of faculty and sworn in for life as part of the academy. Faculty of the academy is a lifelong position from which one is not permitted to leave. That being said many faculty members take long hiatuses or have set up their areas of study and homes in foreign lands.

The Academy has XX departments and a student must align themselves with a specific department after their second year. All students are expected to study at least partially with the department of channeling to learn how to use their magic in combat. The complete list of departments are:

  • Department of Channeling – Focused on the study of Arcane magics and the different ways that the Arcane can be channeled. Members of this department are exceptionally strong magic users and have knowledge of the most advanced Arcane spells
  • Department of Civilization – Focused on the study of the existing civilizations and interactions between them. Members of this department are frequently diplomats or serve as advisers to rulers
  • Department of Divinity – Focused on the study of the Gods and their involvement in the world. Not to be mistaken for divine magic users, the members of this department strive to understand the Gods and their relationship with the Arcane
  • Department of Discovery – Focused on the exploring Gaia and discovering the mysteries that the world holds. Members of this department are frequently adventurers who have traveled much of the known world and seek to explore new lands and encounter unknown creatures.
  • Department of History – Focused on finding the truth of the past that lies between the many different version and perspectives of recorded history. Members of this department are frequently scholars that study texts and relics of ancient times.
  • Department of Philosophy – Focused on understanding the abstract connections of mortals and how we fit exist within, and separately from, the Arcane. Members of this department study fundamental principles such as ethics, knowledge, aesthetics, logic, and others.
  • Department of Prophecy – Focused on understanding how the Arcane forces of the universe drive time forward and divining events of the future. This is the smallest department within the Academy and it’s few members conduct theoretical studies that are not well understood.

The City of Talise
The island city has a population of roughly 50,000 inhabitants, including those in the Academy. The city is primarily supported by trade as it is a large port located in the center of the Cobalt Sea.

The island is surrounded by a sphere of Arcane magic which controls weather and the ocean currents resulting in glass smooth seas for about 15 miles in any direction.



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